Mario Crossover Game


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It took over a year to make this. And now Mario Crossover is the best Mario flash game ever made, not only do you get to play as Mario, but you get to play as other characters and use their abilities for their original games. You also can play as Link, Samus, Bill R., Simon, Megaman, Simon. Each of these characters gets unique powerups everytime they get a mushroom or a Firepower. Each powerup is different, unique, and fun to see what happens next!

There are also other secrets that can be found with the ability to use a blaster weapon that can destroy blocks and you can reach new places that Mario could not before. This is similiar where in world 1-2 where you could jump over the world and run through the whole level, it is kinda cheating, but it's still neat to do. Super Mario Crossover created by Exploding Rabbit. Also you can played a hacked version of at Mario Crossover 2 where you are always in the powered up state and have infinite lives.
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